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Dear fellow dog lovers

I have to write and tell you of my very sad sad news. My dog Crestvale Snow Shoes known to friends as Brocci died over night on the 13th of April 2001 due to complication of getting chicken carcass stuck inside himself.

He ate chicken carcass on the Wednesday afternoon then was sick overnight and very flat so I took him to the vet and she kept him in, put him on a drip and even rested him in his own private room.

This was the start of the tragic event that happened to the most wonderful dog. I went to visit just like a person in hospital I sat and patted him for hours willing him to get better helping the staff take him for walks in hope that his bowels would open and get rid of the bones which on the x ray where scattered throughout his beautiful body. I went home to feed the other dog then I returned and sat with my boy until the surgery closed. Everyone at the vet was so kind and loving toward me. I soon knew just how much this dog meant to me and how much I really loved him he was my special boy so kind himself so willing and so gentle with the kids. What a dog so special.

I then return on Friday morning as soon as the vet opened and sat with Brocci for about an hour. The vet and I had a talk and discussed the next move and we decided that an enema was a good move for the afternoon and we thought he would be o.k. or at least relieved then of some of the pain and suffering that he was going through. So that afternoon that was what happened. He came through the anaesthetic just fine and some of the bone matter came out with the enema and it was good news for us. He looked well and was on the road to recovery and that was great. So I continued on my way to my Easter holiday of a weekend of horseriding and fun. Well that was what it was until the horror unfolded.

The vet said everything looked good and that he may need another enema on Saturday but he was recovering well that was Friday night. When the vet had finished up on Friday night the dog was looking good and recovering well. Somehow he died over night from complication we are not sure as too exactly what caused his death but we do know that the chicken carcass did cause the problems that put him in a very bad way and in the vet in the first place and that he died cause of the fact that he did not digest the chicken carcass properly in the first place.

So now I must tell fellow dog lovers of the high risk involved in giving of chicken carcass to dogs. There are vets and people writing books that say the giving of chicken carcass is o.k. but please take it from me the anguish and heart break of a dog having to go to the vet let alone dieing is devastating and like loosing a member of the family. So please even if you think your dogs can handle chicken carcass do not feed them to your dogs as this is what caused the most placid and beautiful dog to die and go on to heaven. This was not the first time he had had chicken carcass and I was not worried but now I can only tell my story and hope that others take heed in what tragically happened to me.

The loss of a dog, mate, loyal friend is tragic and sad and very hard to deal with please avoid the tragedy from happening to you .


Kim Wood

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