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I am currently the President of Westside Cavy Society and my name is Anne.  I'll take this opportunity to welcome you to "Westside". 

Our cavy club is in it's infancy having only begun twelve months ago.  We are a small, friendly, club and hope that with time many more members will join us and enjoy the exhibition of purebred cavies.  We meet every second Sunday of the month at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road Ascot Vale.

Westside is all about cavies, not just exhibiting them but also about how to maintain them, enjoy them, and learn all there is to know.  We cater for all ages and our once a month afternoon is enjoyed with our little  cavies amongst friends.  We proved a friendly, relaxing, atmosphere that may be enjoyed by everyone.

Our competition show caters for the fancy section (purebred exhibition animals) and we also have a section for the pet/condition animals.  You are able to compete to attain Champion Title for your purebred cavies right through to the elusive Grand Champion awards.  We also run other competitions such as "Handlers" for juniors and seniors, Breeder/Exhibitor of the Year Award, Top Show Cavy Of The Year award and many, many other forms of competition.  In addition we hold monthly lectures pertaining to the standards (the blue print of the official standard of every breed of cavy explained).  Lectures on maintenance and breeding, as well as other topics.

At the conclusion of every function, all members are invited to relax and enjoy a cup  of tea or coffee, together with cakes and sweets, free of charge.  A good end to a fun afternoon.

There are always prizes and trophies at every show as well as beautiful rosettes and of course points allocated towards your cavy's Championship status, by very experienced and knowledgable judges of long standing.  The entry fees for your shows at present are only $1.00 per cavy for the fancy section and as little as 50c per cavy for condition/pet classes and handlers.  The prizes won far outweight the cost of entry.  Membership to our club is only $25.00 per year for families, $18.00 -singles, $10.00 juniors per year.  This membership entitles members to exhibit, and also to receive a monthly newsletter full of interesting information.

We invite everyone to attend our shows and take a look for themselves just what a rewarding hobby Cavy Exhibition can be.

Westside Cavy Society
Web: Westside Cavy Society web site

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