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Catchy names, conjuring up images of cuddly dogs but what exactly are they?
They are infact crosses between two different breeds - dogs which in days gone past would have been called by the degoratory term 'mongrel' in Australia. Many people who breed these dogs correctly describe them as Pug x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel instead of Pugalier for example.

There is no doubt that some of these pups make delightful pets- so long as they are suitable for the owner's lifestyle.

The dogs which have a Poodle as a parent will not all have Poodle-type non-shedding coats. Buying one of these pups to prevent allergies may be misguided - as could equally be the case if a purebred Poodle was purchased. Many allergies are to dander (dead skin cells) not hair, and as all breeds shed dander some people will be allergic to any breed or type.

Poodles are energetic, athletic dogs and when crossed with larger breeds such as Labradors (Labradoodles) or Golden Retrievers (Groodles) the resulting pups will be large and usually energetic, bouncy dogs with a shaggy coat. If this is the type of dog which will fit your lifestyle then a Doodle or Groodle may just be the correct choice for you.

Crosses of luxury-loving breeds such as Maltese, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Shih Tzu will result in puppies which require the same amount of human companionship and indoor living as the parent. Cross breeding two long-coated breeds will result in long coated pups which will require diligent grooming as adults. In many cases, the crossing of two different coat types such as terrier coats and Poodle or Maltese coats will produce puppies with very difficult to manage coats.

A purebred dog is one which, when mated to a dog of its own breed, will produce offspring which all fall within parameters for coat type, colour, size and temperament - as well as all resembling each other. Crossbreeding two different breeds may produce littermates which do not resemble each other or either of the parents.

When two breeds are deliberately crossbred it is often with the intention of producing 'designer dogs' - cute, fluffy puppies with endearing natures which will win the hearts of prospective purchasers. Many purebred breeds were developed for just such reasons - to be ideal companions.

When choosing to buy a crossbred pup, carefully consider whether the parents would suit your lifestyle. Consider exercise needs, coat care, size, energy levels and whether or not the dog needs to be kept mainly as an indoor dog.

Freedom from disease and health problems is not necessarily a reason for choosing a crossbreed over a pure bred dog. Many breeds have common genetic problems, eg.hip dysplasia and eye problems such as cataracts and PRA and crosses of these breeds are just as likely to have the problems.

Whether crossbred or purebred, it is important to make sure that you can provide a lifetime home and appropriate care and in return you will receive both love and companionship.

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