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The Dandie Dinmont Terrier as a breed has existed for well over 300 years. First known as `Pepper and Mustard Terriers' they originated in the Scottish border country and were owned by gypsies. They gained their popularity and unique name from Sir Walter Scott who included a description of them in his book Guy Mannering (1814). In this book a pack of `Mustard and Pepper Terriers' were owned by a character called Dandie Dinmont and it is from him that they gained their quaint and unusual name.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers share common ancestry with Bedlington Terriers, Skye Terriers and Scottish Terriers, they were also used in the development of wire-haired dachsunds and the Australian Terrier.

Today, despite its' endearing personality, soulful eyes, tasseled ears and magnificent topknot, the Dandie is not a well known breed. Those lucky enough to own one called it `the best kept secret'. Consequently the Dandle is considered a rare breed with only a few hundred born around the world each year.

Original Use
Used to hunt otter, badger and other small game and vermin.

The Dandie has been described as the most placid and docile of terriers, he is not prone to snappiness or yapping. His demeanour is one of intelligence and tolerance. He has a friendly disposition and a great sense of humour and fun. He enjoys the company of both adults and children and will be both an active playmate and loving lap-sitter. He is not a dog that would suit someone looking for an `outside' dog as he likes to be part of the family. The Dandie is an intelligent and sensitive dog with a big personality and a big bark for his size, he can be stubborn, and can sulk if his feelings are hurt.

The Dandie will generally get on well with other pets as long as they are brought up with them They do not generally initiate conflict with other dogs, but when offended are fearless opponents.

Care of the Dandie
Dandies are generally healthy and hardy little dogs. They enjoy a walk but do not require extensive or daily exercise. Like all puppies, as youngsters they can be naughty and disobedient. Having big personalities and a healthy sense of self, training using rewards rather than punishment is the most effective method of training. Being a long bodied dog it is important that they not be allowed to get too fat. As youngsters, Dandies are unco-ordinated and until mature, stair climbing should be kept to a minimum.

Dandies do not molt (drop hair), making them an ideal house-dog. However their coat does require regular care. The coat should be thoroughly brushed at least once a week to remove knots and dead hair. Professional grooming is needed approximately 3-4 times a year.

As the Dandie has a profuse silky topknot of hair and large soulful eyes, it is recommended that the hair above the eyes and on the top of the nose be trimmed regularly to keep it from causing any irritations.

Average Life Span:- 11-15 years.
Average Weight:- 9 kg -13 kg

Pepper:- grey body with silver legs, silver head hair and beard.
Mustard:- golden orange body, cream legs, cream head hair and beard.

Ideal Owner
The Dandie is an ideal pet for anyone with a sensible and responsible attitude to dog care. Dandies make excellent family pets and are a great companion for the single person whether young or old.

Puppy Availability :
The Dandie is a rare breed. Expect to wait 3-9 months for a puppy.

Further Information

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