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Even with good maintenance and care, injuries on turtles and reptiles cannot be ignored. This includes scratches, skin-abrasions and bites.
To treat, soak a few drops of sera sanipur onto a cotton bud and carefully dab the soaked cotton bud directly onto the wound. sera sanipur can also be applied directly onto the wound. For proper care of the turtle shell, soak the cotton bud with sera sanipur and gently dab it onto the shell.

Cold temperatures, extreme temperature fluctuations and draft can cause heavy colds in turtles and reptiles. The difference of more than 5°C (9°F) between air and water temperature in an aqua-terrarium can also affect the inhabitants. Symptoms for colds are usually, gasping for air, sneezing and slimy excretions around nose, eyes and mouth.

Administer treatment immediately! Colds that are not treated will quickly become chronic and lead to pneumonia!

Increase the temperature and avoid drafts. Add sera bronchipur R onto the food (for the dosage, read the information for use on the pamphlet) and treat the animal for three days.

Diarrhoea is caused by keeping the animal in cold temperature, and/or drinking icy cold water, and/or rotten or spoiled food. Another reason is the lack of hygiene.

Increase the temperature to 30°C (86°F) immediately. Add sera diropur R (for the dosage, read the information for use on the pamphlet) onto the animal's favourite food and treat the animal for three days.

To avoid recurrence, ensure the animals are kept under hygienic and warm conditions. Food and drinking water must be at room temperature.

Lack of movement (exercise) and feeding food with not enough ballast substances can lead to constipation, poor appetite and acute pain. If the animals still eat, add sera laxopur R (for the dosage, read the information for use on the pamphlet) onto the animal's favourite food. If the animal does not eat, dissolve the appropriate dosage of sera laxopur R in approx. 10 ml (0.4 fl.oz.) of lukewarm water.

This solution is carefully force-fed to the sick animal. Ask your dealer or vet for advice! Administer the treatment for two or three days carefully since the animals suffer from acute pain.

As an additional treatment, the animals would be bathed daily with lukewarm water (add some drops of sera laxopur R, as the animals often drink during bathing). Providing adequate space (see the chapter "The correct home for reptiles") will ensure that the animals can move around and get enough exercise.

During treatment, turtles should be kept at a constant temperature of 30°C (86°F). This will improve the animal's bowel activity.


Lack of Appetite
If the lack of appetite is not caused by overfeeding (in this case the animal should diet for some days), then there can be various reasons for this problem. These could be caused by: moving the animals to a new environment, a shock or feeding of unknown food. Other causes for lack of appetite are due to, immediately after hibernation, with cold temperature in the room or water temperature, or after treatment of disease. The animals will be apathetic and will not show appetite for food.

Add sera activ plus R onto the food (for the dosage, read the information for use on the pamphlet). It will give the food a flavour that is irresistible for the animals and appetite will be restored quickly. For animals awakened from hibernation, simply add sera activ plus R into the bathing water (10 drops and more per 1 litre / 0.26 gal.). The animals drink while having their bath.


Sera products can be found at your local aquarium or pet supply store

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