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The golden retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. In 1868, at his Scottish home Guisachan, Lord Tweedmouth famously mated a Tweed Water Spaniel to a yellow retriever and the resultant litter of four yellow puppies were the foundation of the definite yellow breed now known as the golden retriever. The celebrated breed found it's way to Northern America with the help of Lord Tweedmouth's sons, one of whom lived in North Dakota and the other on the family's ranch in Texas.

As well as its innate field skills, this versatile dog has been a guide dog, a drug and explosives detector, and an effective tracker. The AKC recognized this breed in 1932 when the British Standard was adopted although this was later revised and is now much more detailed in the UK version.

Size and Substance:
The average height of a golden retriever is approximately 20-25 in. The average weight can be anywhere from 50-75 for bitches, and 60-85 for males.

Golden Retrievers, as their name implies, can be anywhere from an off-white cream colour to a rich mahogany. There is a difference between the English and American version: the American are relatively darker and more red, opposing to the English ranging from lighter gold's to even an off-white.

The Golden Retriever's coat is flat or wavy with a water resistant undercoat. Their coat should be brushed at least every other day and washed approximately once every 2 weeks.

The golden retriever is an extremely friendly and easy-trainable dog, with a great temperament making it good with children. It is a confident and stable breed. Obviously it is an excellent swimmer and retriever.

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