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History of the Breed
The Irish Setter is a very old breed, but the Irish red Setter itself is not the first known "Irish" Setter. The original Irish was of red and white colour. When the first dog show was held in 1860, most Irish shown were of the red and white variety. The "trend" of solid reds did not originate until approximately 1875. In field trials around this time, more and more hunters were interested in the pointer over the setter. Irish Setters are still popular in the field, but not as they used to be.

The irish setter is an active, aristocratic bird dog and is said to be one of the most beautiful breeds of dog. With his gleaming, flowing, red coat and the simple elegant lines of his conformation he is a sight to behold.

Apart from his glamorous appearance, his personality is a hallmark of the breed. An irish setter loves life and loves people. He responds well to other dogs. To gain attention, he acts "the comedian" because he has agreat sense of humour, which sometimes is mistaken for being stupid .. do not underestimate the intelligence of the red dog! Some think he is difficult to train, however, some of the biggest winning obedience competitions have been taken out by irish setters. Find a way to let an irish know what you want - then he will always oblige.

He will settle into a family life very easily although the more his intelligence is stimulated with exercise and games the more valuable a member of the family he becomes.

His activity level is usually high but after his exercise he can easily take up residence on the lounge and watch tv with you. Irish like to be with people, not outside alone.

Health Care
Irish Setters, like all deep chested breeds, can suffer from Gastic Torsion and Bloat and other large dog problems such as hip dysplasia. They also suffer from PRA, a problem that affects the eyes causing night blindness and furthermore blindness. Before you buy a pup, check that the parents are clear of this condition.

Many breeders now have all their breeding stock hip X-rayed for Hip Dysplasia and tested for PRA and CLAD, (all known health problems) and it is recommended prior to purchasing a dog, that at the very least, check that these tests have been carried out by the breeder

Grooming is relatively simple. Keep the coat clean and brush a couple of times a week. Always check for debris which may attach itself to "feathers". Most will find an irish setter loves the water and will enjoy a bath. A quick trim of the "feathers" between his toes will help keep the grass seeds at bay

A great breed for those who want exercise, an Irish can adapt to city living as well as country if they have enough exercise.

Size: approx 67.5cm dogs/approx 62.5cm bitches


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