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Cumberland is one of the most beautiful parts of England, richly studded with lakes which give rise to the area being known as the `Lakelands'.

From this area comes one of the oldest breeds of working terriers, the Lakeland Terrier. The Lakeland was kept by the farmers in the mountain districts and used in conjunction with hounds to destroy foxes raiding the sheepfolds. The terriers needed to be courageous to face the fox in their rocky mountain dens, and tales have been told of some of these early terriers being so game and tenacious as to follow fox and otter so far underground that blasting was required to extricate them.

The dogs which continually showed their courage were coveted as breeding stock and their puppies were given out amongst friends and followers of the hunt. In this way the best workers' bloodlines were retained to carry on the traditions of the breed.

The Lakeland is a small workman-like dog of square, sturdy build with a friendly and self confident 'cock-of-the-walk' demeanour. He stands on his toes as if ready to go at all times. He has a wiry outer coat with a soft woolly undercoat. The hair on the legs and muzzle is plentiful. The dog requires professional grooming several times a year but is non-shedding. The colour of the coat may be black and tan, blue and tan, red or wheaten. The Lakeland Terrier is an ideal size for modem living with the maximum height being 37 cms and the average weight for males 7.75kgs.

Today the Lakeland Terrier is more likely to be seen in the show ring where he is among the most attractive of the terrier breeds. Although not a numerically strong breed in Australia„ he has a following of devout owners and fanciers who love this little dog for his gameness and courage and his disposition as a family pet.

Like all terriers he is not fond of other dogs of the same sex and may be easiest kept in s one dog household. However, for prospective owners who have excellent fencing and who enjoy the independent nature of terriers, the Lakeland Terrier is well worthy of consideration.

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