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Lhasa Apsos originated in Tibet and first came to be owned by the British, during the reign of the British Raj in India. Since then, their popularity has increased so much that they are to be found all over the world.

A small sturdy, long haired dog measuring 10" to the shoulder in males, with females slightly smaller, they are not prone to any particular health problems and live a long life, approximately 17 - 20 years of age. They require regular grooming and can be kept in long coat or clipped short.

Their temperament is excellent, being totally devoted to their owners, intelligent and eager to please. They will fit in with other pets and any members of family from the very young to the elderly. Not at all hyperactive, they will only bark for a reason and make excellent little watch dogs for this reason. Once they bond with someone they love, there is no breaking that tie. They are not a 'lap dog', but love to come up for a big cuddle.

Lhasas Apsos come in a wide variety of colours, which is part of the appeal of this endearing little dog. They range from cream through to black, as well as particolour and almost any colour is acceptable.

Lhasas do not need 'walking', but do self exercise by having a good run in the back garden or the park. They love to play games with the family and will play leap and chase games until tired, when they will stop abruptly and lie down!

Lhasa Apsos are the most wonderfully adaptive dog, fitting into virtually any environment from an apartment to the farm. Their main interest is their owners and as long as they have quality time with their owners, they will live happily anywhere.

Size: 10" to whithers, slightly smaller in females.

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