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The Little Lion Dog

The Lowchen is a rare small breed of dog which, in most countries of the world belongs to the Toy Group. In 1969 the Lowchen was listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the rarest dog in the world. Since that time they have recovered in numbers and are now fast growing in popularity in the show ring and in family homes as a robust little dog of great character.

Lowchens generally grow to between 25-33cm. (10-13") tall. They weigh approximately 5-9 kilos. Lowchens have a long silky coat, and are famous for their beautiful head and large dark eyes which gives them their lovely soft, gentle expression. Lowchens come in many colours and combinations of colours, their coats are often very dark as puppies and will change and lighten as they grow. A small black youngster may well develop into a cream coloured adult - they are full of surprises!! In the show-ring their long silky coat is clipped off on the back half of their body and their back legs, leaving a full "mane" at the front, with fringes of hair over all four feet and a plume on the end of their tail - they look like a lion!! - which is where they got their name Lowchen, which comes from the German word meaning "little lion". Lowchens usually live to approximately 12 years of age, although many live happy lives for much longer than this.

History of the Lowchen
Originating in Europe, the Lowchen appears in art and literature dating from the 14th Century. With it's distinctive "lion clip" the Lowchen is depicted in many paintings of the 16th & 17th Centuries at the feet of Knights in armour, or beside the ladies of the nobility. the legend is that, amongst the crusading knights of the Middle Ages, it was the custom for a knight who died in battle to be depicted in his armour with his foot on the body of a lion. If he died, but not in battle, then he was depicted with a Lion Dog at his feet. Similarly, the knights ladies were depicted with a Lion Dog on their tombs. The shaved back of the Lowchen also made a very convenient hot water bottle!! A famous Lowchen was "Freeway" the shaggy little dog which appeared in the Hart to Hart programme. People often say that Lowchens look like a smaller version of "Benjie"

Lowchens love the attention they attract in the show-ring, but they also make wonderful family pets. They are happy, outgoing and very intelligent. Lowchens have great personalities and are real little "characters" - they are often said to be a "big dog in a little dogs body". Although they are toy dogs they are in no way delicate - Fearless and gentle they make excellent housepets and love to run and play with the family. They enjoy a good romp in the garden with the children, but are also great "cuddlers" and love to snuggle down with their family - preferably in their bed!!


Grooming and Care
Like all breeds, Lowchens require regular grooming. Many pet Lowchens are kept in a "puppy clip" which means they are not shaved, but maintained in a short coat all over their body. Lowchens do not shed their coats as much as many other breeds and this makes them a popular choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Lowchens are robust little dogs with few health problems.

Lowchens as Pets
Lowchens are sociable and outgoing characters, although sensible and not hyperactive. They should have sound, happy temperaments - a Lowchen puppy should never be timid or nervous and should play happily with visitors - particularly children. No puppy should leave its home before it is a MINIMUM of 8 weeks old. When seeking a Lowchen as a family pet, take the time to visit several breeders and look carefully at how their puppies have been raised and what support they offer in the future.

Always buy your puppy from a registered breeder - the Canine controlling body in your State can put you in touch with breeders in your area. A puppy that has been raised in an outbuilding or kennel, with little contact with humans and the bustle of family life may not make a well-rounded and stable family pet. A reputable breeder will ALWAYS be willing to show you the litter mates and parents of the puppy, as well as other Lowchens in their household. Although Lowchens are relatively free from health problems, it is also wise to seek breeders who have tested their breeding stock for such conditions as Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patellas or sight and hearing problems or sight and hearing problems. Many breeders will expect that the pet puppy is to be de-sexed as a condition of the sale.

What should you expect from the Breeder?
You should expect:
  1. That the breeder provides a health guarantee for the puppy.
  2. That the breeder provide full vaccination and microchip records. It is illegal in N.S.W. to sell, or give away a puppy or dog without it being microchippped.
  3. That the puppy is healthy and free from internal and external parasites
  4. That the breeder provides WRITTEN information on the care, feeding and training of the puppy
  5. That the breeder provides a sample of the food the puppy is used to eating.
  6. That the breeder undertakes to take the puppy back for re-homing if you are unable to keep it in the future.
  7. That the breeder should offer advice about de-sexing of the puppy.

Size: 25-33cm. (10-13") 5-9kilos

Further Information

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