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The Lipizzaner history traces back to the Spanish Andalucian horses imported into Yugoslavia in 1580. They are an ancestor of the oldest pure breed in the world, the Arabian horse. In appearance the Lipizzaner in its modern form does not have the long arched elegant neck of the Arabian. The Lipizzaner is known for its docility and intelligence, which is why it is famous for its participation in Spanish Riding Schools.

The Lipizzaner is a very handsome horse of compact build, standing on average at 15 h.h. They have strong backs and quarters with splendid short strong legs. The head is small and curved in outline, with large, well set eyes. The Lipizzaners most common coat colour is grey or white, though bays and browns are found among them. Foals are sometimes born as black or brown and they take a long time to mature to get their grey coat. The long maturity period of the Lipizzaner is why many can be seen still working into their twenties. A predominant trait from its ancestor the Arabian is its mobility of carriage and intelligent response to training. They are an ideal horse for dressage and equally as carriage horses.

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