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The thouroughbred was imported many years ago and was breed as a racing machine and now they are used for shows eventing and plesure.

The thoroughbred usally stands 14hh to 17hh and can range in many colours. The young thouroughbred usally has a beutiful temperament and nature but are somtimes ruined at the racetrack.Thouroghbreds are not suggested to leaners as they are free spirited and are usally more for someone whom can handle them.

I have had much experience with racing thourughbreds as we own them. The filly is boomproof but not yet broken. We have a 3yr broken and raced that is flighty and spooky as well as green as when somone gets on his back he wants to run. An old thouroughbred is usally a nice horse as long as they have been treated right.

Thouroughbreds can get bad foot bones and hoofs quickly chip if not looked after they also suffer from alot of colds in the paddock as they are used to being rugged and sheltered.

Nevertheles they can be great horses and I would suggest them to people who want a good show horse in all disiplines.

Height : 14hh - 17hh

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