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Poephilia Guttata

A hardy & very prolific breeder. Probably the most common & easiest kept finch in Australia.

Matures easy to sex. Males have an orange cheek patch,black bar pattern on the breast & white spotted brown flanks, all these are abscent in females. Young are similar to hens.

A commercially available "finch mix" will suffice, together with cuttlebone,grit and fresh water should be in constant supply. In the lead up to breeding season "green" food, such as any seeding grass heads etc.and "soft" food such as egg & biscuit mix should be fed. Live food is not required by Zebras.

Zebra Finches will breed in almost any type & size of cage. Although they are extremely hardy birds they still require some protection from the weather. Remember most finches will not survive draughty and/or damp conditions. A good weather proof enclosure is needed in an aviary. Some bird breeders keep and breed them in cabinets.

Will breed all year if nesting material and a place to build a nest is available. Between four and seven eggs are laid and hatch 14 to 16 days later. Young fledge at about 20 days old and are independant about 16 days after fledging. Young will start to colour at about 2 months old and are able to breed at 6 months old.

  • Fawn
  • Pied
  • Black-breasted
  • Black-headed
  • Charcoal
  • White
  • Combinations of all the above and many more

Chris Stuart

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