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Research Shows Women Value Love and Companionship of Four-Legged Friends Research just out suggests there may be a whole lot more going on between women and their dogs than we suspect.

A national Newspoll survey1 among Australian women aged 25 years and over with dogs in the household, commissioned by the Petcare Information and Advisory Service, shows that for the majority of Australian women the four-legged family friend is truly that and more - a trusted, reliable, much-loved companion and a source of affection in difficult times.

According to the research:

  • More than ninety per cent of all women surveyed say they enjoy the companionship and unconditional love their dog provides, and more than two- thirds said this affection was what they like most about owning a dog
  • Sixty per cent of women say dogs are more affectionate than men
  • Seventy-seven per cent say dogs are more easy-going
  • Sixty-three per cent say they are more loyal
  • Fifty-eight per cent per cent say dogs are more reliable
  • Sixty-four per cent say a reason to exercise regularly is one of the major benefits of dog ownership

According to Susie Chaseling, a Sydney-based Petcare consultant: "As a dog owner, I can attest to the many benefits of owning a dog, from companionship to loyalty and security. But the research is clearly showing that there is a real bond between women and their dogs, and that dogs are valued members of the household. They add a positive dimension to women's lives - a reliable, unconditional love."

The research also found:

  • Almost nine in ten women say they enjoy stroking and petting their dog
  • Seventy-five per cent of women say they turn to their dog for affection when they feel down, with more than half reporting that they do this often
  • Eighty-eight per cent confess to spoiling their dog with treats and presents, and thirty-two per cent say they give their dog a birthday present
  • Almost forty per cent say they enjoy the fact their dog allows them to watch TV without interrupting
  • Seventy-one per cent describe their dog as a "friend" and three in ten as their best friend.

The research showed busy lifestyles are not an obstacle to dog ownership. Of dog owning households surveyed, fifty-four per cent of women work full-time or part-time and forty-seven per cent have children.

Women also value the sense of security provided by their dog. More than eighty per cent of women said security was one of the things they liked most about having a dog in the household. "The research supports the belief of many people that, whatever your lifestyle, dog ownership can have a beneficial impact, whether that is in terms of exercise or companionship," said Ms Chaseling.

And men can be warned: when a woman says she loves her dog, she means it. Seventy-one per cent of all women surveyed said they would not enter a new relationship with anyone who did not like her having a dog in the household!

1 Newspoll, June 2004. Survey of 242 Australian women aged 25 years and over with dogs in the household.

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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