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Graceful, with a gentle and dignified expression and deep, faithful, far-seeing eyes, the Saluki is a true aristocrat.

A dog of the nomadic desert tribes, the Saluki gives an impression of grace, symmetry and tremendous speed and endurance coupled with strength and activity and was principally used by the Arabs to bring down gazelle and other quarry in both rocky mountains and deep desert sand.

The Saluki has remarkable sight and is a member of the group of dogs known as sighthounds, which hunt by sight, as against the hounds which use scent to detect prey.

Its body is of greyhound type, slender and muscular. Salukis come in two varieties - 'Smooth' and 'Feathered'. In their countries of origin some tribes only kept the 'smooth' type, while others kept the 'feathered' type. Both types are coated with a short silky hair but the 'feathered' has long silky hair on the ears, legs and tail.

Salukis come in a wide variety of colours including white, cream, fawn, gold, red, grizzle, black and tan.

In disposition the Saluki is dignified, intelligent yet independent. It shows great attachment to its owner yet is reserved with strangers without displaying nervousness or aggression. Due to its independence and instinct to hunt. the Saluki should be kept on-lead in public places.

Among the oldest of domesticated dog breeds, the Saluki was a distinct breed as long ago as 329 B.C. when Alexandra the Great invaded India.

Carvings and paintings of hounds depicted as having a greyhound type body with feathering on ears, legs and tail have been found in excavations estimated as old as 7000-6000 B.C.

So great was the esteem in which this breed was held by the Pharoahs that its body was often mummified like the bodies of the Pharoahs and many specimens have been found in tombs of the Upper Nile region.

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