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Amongst the many varieties of cats available as household pets there's no doubt which one reigns supreme in the popularity department, the Domestic Shorthair - aka the moggie!

It has been estimated that some 87% of Australia's pet cats are moggies.

Although moggies do not conform to any breed standards -coming in a range of shapes
and sizes plus a riot of attractive coat colours and patterns - there are certain common
denominators. More often than not Aussie mogs are shorthairs (sometimes "fluffies", but seldom with much length of coat). Many are mackerel (striped) or blotched (blobs and swirls) tabbies, which tend to be medium sized and with a reasonably solid build. Ginger is also a common colour and ginger cats are almost always male, while the glamorous Tortoiseshell is almost always female. All colours are often adorned with varying amounts of white and many black moggies have a white bib and socks as though dressed in a tuxedo!

Moggies are invariably extremely robust, hardy creatures. Their breeding, based for the most part on natural selection has left a legacy of hybrid vigour. Survival of the fittest has ensured a strong healthy lineage based on natural form and function.

This self-assured, no-fuss feline makes an undemanding pet. Easy to look after and easy to love, moggies fit well into our laid-back Aussie lifestyle - whether there just snoozing in the sun, playing with the kids, or joining the family for a backyard "barbie". Nothing if not adaptable, they are just as much at home in the city or country, making delightful companions for folk of all ages.

The nick-name of moggie is variously attributed to a British dialect variation of the word "Maggie" which originally meant a dishevelled old woman, or the name given to a scruffy scarecrow. This tie-in may have had some relevance years back when moggies were more often than not unowned cats, but today's sleek specimens tend to be as well cared for as any of their pedigreed cousins. Nowadays moggie is just an affectionate term used to denote any nonpurebred domestic cat.

One thing is for sure however, the moggie's lack of aristocratic ancestry will never stop it being "top cat" in the hearts and minds of millions of Australians.

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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