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It is easy to spend the winter months snuggled up by the fire with a good book and a box of chocolates and the dog curled up at your feet, but the dog would really prefer you to put on your walking shoes, grab a lead and go for a walk.

In most parts of the country there are very few days where the weather is so bad that a wa!k a unpleasant. Winter and early Spring bring crisp mornings which are far more pleasant for walking than summer heat.

If the weather is inclement both the dog and owner can wear rain gear. Pet stores have a large choice of dog coats ranging from the purely fashionable in an array of colours and patterns, to the very practical oilskin for dogs. It may not be possible to take the dog for a fitting but all you need is the dog's measurement around the middle at the deepest part of the body, and also the length of body.

In many parts of Australia dogs are banned from beaches during the warmer months so Winter can be an ideal time to take the dog for a walk along a deserted beach. Many beaches allow dogs off lead during this period and there are few dogs which do not react with joy at running free on the sand, sniffing unusual smells of the sea, and even having a paddle or trying to catch waves.

Dogs which get wet during a walk should be towelled off to dry them and an old chamois is great for removing water from the coat as well as cleaning mud from the dog. Long coated breeds should be dried with a hairdryer and then brushed or combed to prevent the hair from matting.

Both owners and dogs who continue to walk during Winter will be trim, taut and terrific when Summer arrives.

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