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Does your dog disappear when he hears the word "bath"?

Many dogs and their owners find bath time stressful, but a few simple preparations will help make the experience more enjoyable for pets and owners.

First brush and comb your pet thoroughly to remove excess hair and tangles. Once tangles have been wet they become almost impossible to remove.

If possible, bathe your dog indoors - try the laundry tub or bath - but if it must be done outside, connect the hose to a warm water supply as dogs feel the same way about icy cold water as we do.
Make sure no soap or shampoo gets in the eyes and place cotton balls in the ears to make sure that no water enters.

Wet the dog and put a ring of shampoo around the neck and gently massage into the fur and onto the skin. Start by gently washing your pet's face with a sponge or washcloth.

Always let the shampoo sit on the pet for several minutes. Flea and tick shampoo should sit for a minimum of five minutes or as directed by the manufacturer. For a cleaner pet, two shampoos in succession are suggested.
Rinse well with clean water to avoid a dull coat and itchy skin. Avoid water reaching the ear canals by using your hand or thumb as a shield to block water.

After washing your pet, keep your hand on top of its back to keep your pet from shaking the water off before you have a chance to towel it partially dry. Then let your pet shake, and use the towel again. You can use a regular hair dryer to speed the drying process if your pet is accustomed to the sound. Always hold the dryer at least 30 cms from your pet's coat to avoid skin burns.

Brush and comb the fur until it dries completely. Never leave pets damp as they may catch a chill. The hair may appear dry on the surface but dense coats may be damp at the skin and can take up to three hours to dry. Even dogs which do not enjoy the process of having a bath usually show signs of pleasure at feeling clean. Don't forget to praise them and tell them how beautiful they look.

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