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An aquarium has been accredited with soothing qualities and after a hectic day at the office the blood pressure is undoubtedly lowered by watching fish glide past.

Aquariums range from basic fish bowls containing one or two common garden variety goldfish to salt water aquariums containing exotic marine life and colourful fish more likely
to be found around coral reefs.

There are lots of ways to set up an aquarium in an attractive manner and there are no limits to your fantasy. The size of the aquarium depends on your personal choice and the
space available. The number of fish you keep will be determined by the size of the tank. Fish need approximately 1 litre of water per centimetre length of fish.

Decide where you want to put your tank before you set it up as it is almost impossible to move even moderate sized tanks once they are filled with water. A place near the window
is not an ideal situation as temperatures will vary greatly and the sunlight will cause algae

If the tank is to be placed on a flat surface, such as a bench or table top, it is important to check that the surface is even as the glass base will break under the weight of the water
if the surface is uneven.

If your tank is to have a filter system, lights etc, then a power supply will be needed close to the tank.


The bottom of the aquarium should be covered with river sand or a gravel sold by dealers. Rinse the gravel thoroughly with running water before putting it in the tank.

Fish like cover and this can be provided by using rocks of varying sizes as decoration. Any stones which contain lime or metal are toxic to fish. All rocks should be rinsed with boiling water before being used.

Without preparation tapwater is unsuitable to use in aquariums. Your aquarium or dealer will be able to advise you on water conditioners to remove chloride, fluoride etc from the water.


Plants are essential to the environment of your underwater world as well as decorative. Plants enrich the water with oxygen and also provide hiding places for the fish. In the beginning fast growing plants should be placed in the tank. Before planting remove all frayed or sick leaves. Make a hole in the gravel and insert the roots of the plant and cover.

The most important equipment which you can purchase for your tank is a filter system. This will save you a lot of work keeping the tank clean.

Tropical fish will require heaters in their tank to maintain a constant water temperature.

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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