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The Lost Dogs' Home is calling for a permanent ban on the sale of pets from pet shops. Dr Graeme Smith, The Home's Managing Director, is calling for community, industry and government support to prohibit pets being sold from shopping centres and shops - commercial environments which facilitate impulse buying.

"At Christmas time, puppies and kittens are sold in shops to people who act on impulse rather than with common sense. Many of these people have not thought through the commitment and expense of caring for an animal for its entire life. A dog that lives for ten years will cost its owner approximately $20000 if no major health issues arise," said Dr Smith.

"Pet shops are businesses primarily interested in making money and treat live animals as commodities. Many pet shop owners show no discretion or prudence when selling an animal to a potential owner. This is how pets fall into the hands of irresponsible owners and eventually end up at The Lost Dogs' Home and other animal shelters throughout Victoria. If they have been maltreated or neglected, they come to us with behavioural problems and health issues, some of which are not treatable. Only the lucky ones, that is, those animals assessed as being suitable for re-homing, will receive a second chance at life," said Dr Smith.

In winter every year, The Lost Dogs' Home receives an influx of animals to the shelter. Hundreds of pets purchased at Christmas time are dumped because they have become boisterous, delinquent "teenagers" requiring attention, exercise, training and in some cases, behavioural modification. The Home handles 11,000 dogs and 9,000 cats every year making it Australia's largest shelter. The Home wants to decrease the number of animals being dumped and strongly believes that a ban on pet shop sales will significantly reduce numbers of unwanted pets being admitted to shelters across Australia.

"At The Lost Dogs' Home, there are always good-natured dogs and cats waiting for new homes. It is incomprehensible that the sale of pets in shops is still an acceptable practice, especially since many of the puppies come from commercial puppy farms. As a voice for animals without owners, it is our ethical responsibility to demand the banning of all pet sales in shops," said Dr Smith.

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