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Aries | March 21 - April 20
The Born - but Selfish - Leader
Being the first sign of the Zodiac, all Aries dogs like to take the lead. Your Aries dog may also lean toward the selfish side, so beware of them not sharing toys or cookies with other doggy friends! Be prepared to give your dog as much attention as possible and life will run smoothly. Underdog could teach Aries dogs a little patience and tolerance.

Taurus | April 21 - May 21
The Pampered One
Your Taurus dog loves you and just wants to be near you! The other good news is that Taurus dogs love children. They are lazier than your usual pooch, so you're more than likely to find them enjoying the spoils of a lovely car ride than a brisk summer walk in the park. They love their food, but Underdog might need to take these Taurus dogs out exercising to ensure they stay fit and healthy!

Gemini | May 22 - June 21
The Split Personality
Gemini dogs never quite know what they want and when they do decide, they are still in two minds about it! You will certainly need some patience around these puppies!
They always think they are right and when you don't agree with them, they love to show off to get your attention. The good news is they don't mind staying with other people when you are out of town! It will be a welcome break for you and the dog. They can run fast and are a ton of fun in the outdoors. A great workout buddy for our superhero Underdog!

Cancer | June 22 - July 21
The Sensitive Soul
A faithful friend really wears its heart on its paw! Whatever emotion engulfs this dog will be felt right through to its doggy core. What they lack in self-confidence they make up for in affection toward their owner. They do need a lot of reassurance and can lack confidence. They are sensitive creatures. Be patient and show them love every single day. A few hours with Underdog would really help build the inner strength of this dog.

Leo | July 22 - August 23
The Domineering Dog
You could call the Leo dog a little snooty. You could also call the Leo dog a little arrogant. However, they could easily be labeled the royal zodiac breed! Leo dogs are Kings of their Kingdom. You will find yourself laughing all the way to the doghouse with this creature. They are very entertaining and full of life. Leos are dazzling dogs with lots of personality and charisma. If Underdog were looking for a new breed of superheroes to help him, Leos would be his # 1 recruits.

Virgo | August 24 - September 22
The Perfectionist
A Virgo dog is truly the perfect pet. It will be loyal and attentive. It mostly wants to hang out with you all day, especially if the surroundings are of comfort and style. Virgo dogs are very particular about their living arrangements. Their preference is a nice soft blanket with lots of pillows as opposed to a cold hard floor. They like things to be exceptionally clean and tidy. Virgo dogs can be high maintenance, especially as they don't like to have kennel cough or any other type of ailment. They like to be clean and healthy. It makes them feel good about themselves. Underdog would have a tough time getting this puppy out of the house!

Libra | September 23 - October 23
The Doggy Commissioner
Libra dogs rule the roost! What they say goes. They expect to be treated as an equal to their owner. If you eat steak, they have to eat steak. If you go for a walk, they go for a walk. Keep your eye on them at all times. A Libra dog is very determined and can be extremely stubborn. They expect to be rewarded for any activity. It is essential the cookie jar is full at all times. Underdog might have a hard time persuading a Libra dog to join in with other dogs!

Scorpio | October 24 - November 22
The Ultimate One
Dynamic, adventurous and expressive is the best way to describe a Scorpio dog. Scorpio dogs have a sense of self-importance. They are very in-tune with their personalities
and love to be surrounded by like-minded Scorpio individuals. Scorpio dogs are very challenging, therefore their master needs to be alert and aware at all times. Don't be afraid to discipline your Scorpio dog. If you don't, it will run rings around you throughout all of its doggy years! Underdog would need all of his superhero powers to deal with this one!!

Sagittarius | November 23 - December 21
The Difficult One
A Sagittarius dog can be very tricky. They like things the way they like them and somehow you have to follow! Just when you think you and your Sagittarius doggy are getting close, they start to behave nonchalant and apathetic. You never quite know what they are thinking. However, when a Sagittarius dog decides to be your friend, they are the friendliest sign of the zodiac. Underdog could help the Sagittarius dog discover its true talents!

Capricorn | December 22 - January 20
The Social Butterfly
Capricorn dogs are ambitious and driven. They know their destiny and have a plan to get there. They are well trained and disciplined. Be sure you have the tools to keep up with this dog! You will need energy and strength. They love to socialize and are usually the star of any party. They like to think of themselves as the superstar of the zodiac. Capricorn dogs are born leaders and recognize fellow intellects with ease. Underdog would enjoy their company and could help them with their fears.

Aquarius | January 21 - February 19
The Playful Puppy
Although they can be stubborn, Aquarius dogs are a really determined bunch. Their hearts and minds are open to learning whatever they can about life. What they lack in thought, they make up for in fun and games. They love to play and enjoy the freedom this gives to their everyday lives. They thrive on a house full of activity and they come alive in this environment. Underdog would have a lot of fun hanging out with your Aquarius pup.

Pisces | February 20 - March 20
The Flip-Flopper
Pisces dogs are very complicated and have some unpredictable traits. They can be unsure
of what they want and sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with their mood swings. However, get this puppy near the water and life becomes very easy for a Pisces dog owner. They can also be gentle and loyal. They rarely like to be alone, so you will always have the comfort and company of your favorite Pisces dog. Underdog could certainly help Pisces dogs with their confidence and direction!

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