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Bursting onto the Nintendo DS market, Mindscape is introducing a fresh range of video games for Aussie kids and families. Available in January 2008, the new titles include Crazy Pig, Wild Horses and Pet Vet - three fun games designed to entertain and stimulate young brains whilst teaching kids the value of pet ownership.

Remember when you were a child, and all you ever wanted was to be on the farm and raise the animals? Or were you the quiet, caring child who aspired to being a vet? Whatever your desire was, it's within reach for today's generation of young dreamers, with the launch of Crazy Pig, Wild Horses and Pet Vet, created by Mindscape, Australia's leading consumer software publisher and distributor of games and edutainment software.

It is the first time that Mindscape has produced titles for portable consoles and children won't be disappointed with the bright colours, enhanced game play, top-of-the-line 3D graphics, real-life simulations, engaging storylines and exciting adventures.

Computer and video games are valued family entertainment. According to Interactive Australia 2007, an industry report by the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, 77% of parents in gaming households play computer games with their children.

With sales averaging 50,000 units per month, video games with an educational component are a significant part of the Australian market and have proved a tremendous success with Aussie parents. The latter will no doubt appreciate the educational value of Mindscape's new games, which set young children a myriad of challenges and puzzles, introduce them to technology and enhance their motor and spatial skills.

In Pet Vet, kids are presented with real-life scenarios as they take on the role of a vet opening a brand new practice in a town where over 30 sick animals need care and attention. In Crazy Pig, they are responsible for the care of their own porcine playmate, raising him from a piglet and guiding him through his farmyard adventures, while in Wild Horses, they can live out their dream of owning and caring for their own horse, using all their powers of deduction to follow the clues in search of the legendary 'golden horse'.
"These new pet games for Nintendo DS are the perfect combination of entertainment and education," says Tony Hughes, Managing Director of Mindscape Asia Pacific. "We've really tried to continue the Mindscape tradition of creating quality 'edutainment' games that are entertaining enough to capture children's imaginations, whilst still being educational enough to reassure parents."

The three pet games will be available nationally in January 2008 through major retailers (EB Games, Target, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, Kmart). And at $49.95 each; they won't stretch the back-to-school or post-Christmas budget!



Meet Crazy Pig! This fearless farmyard freedom fighter has decided to gain some revenge on the crafty wolf that's been hanging around the sty - and this is one ham-fisted pork product that plays dirty! Crazy Pig needs to help to clean up the farm and drive that nasty wolf away!

He also has attitude and prefers to bathe and play in the dirt rather than help you clean the farm up. He also eats like a pig and loves strawberry jam.

Rating: G     Ages: 6-15 year old  Price: $49.95

          ·         Kids love pigs! : a survey conducted by Mindscape showed that 75% of 6-12 year olds would like to have a video game featuring a pig. Pigs are popular and they are regulars on the big screen (Babe in 1996 and 1997; Charlotte's Web in 2007). 

         ·         Two parts to the game:

              o        Piglet raising - care and raise your piglet the way you like, feeding him with dandelion, berry jam, fresh fruits and vegetables.

              o        7 mini games - earn points to unlock more seasonal games (help Crazy Pig avoid bees during the honey crop in summer; dress him with warm outfits in winter for a game of curling, etc). 

·         Hunger, thirst, cleanliness, happiness - to counter these influences you need to take care of your pig by feeding, bathing and dressing it up!

·         Plenty of piggy accessories to take care of Crazy Pig - more soap than mud please!

·         Olym-pig games! Seasonal events keep Crazy Pig and kids occupied all year long - with egg throw contests and races on bales of straw among other activities!



In Pet Vet, children are given the role of a fully trained vet in a brand new practice, whose skills are needed to take special care of all the sick animals in the area.

The scenarios have all been written by real-life vets and range from treating the friendly Labrador that has been hurt by a car, to the sleepy turtle who has gone off his food.

Rating: G   Ages: 8-80 year old   Price: $49.95

·         30 poor pets designed with realistic 3D graphics need your care: French Labrador, Dalmatian, Siamese cat, hamster, parrot, rabbit, St Bernard - you name it! 


·         Ask the pet owners questions, diagnose the problems and use realistic medical instruments to treat the animals, change their bandages, put them on an IV, give them a vaccination, administer their treatment and pamper them.

·        Fun quizzes with 150 questions and 3 difficulty levels to test and improve your knowledge of animals and become the #1 pet vet.





Every little girl's dream, Wild Horses features an engaging storyline and is all about trekking through the wilderness on horseback, searching for the legendary golden horse, the Akhal Teke.

Girls can explore up to six amazing wildernesses around the world on horseback and choose from 25 different horse breeds - from the Appaloosa and Mustang to the Andalusian and Arab thoroughbred. Something sure to thrill every young horse lover!

Rating: G    Ages: 8-80 year old   Price: $49.95

·         The most realistic horse simulation game on the market, with realistic 3D animations and enhanced game play.

·         Lots of exciting challenges including feeding, training, riding and competing - whilst you increase your knowledge on horses and improve your riding skills.

·         Freedom of movement: move around wherever you want to go - from the hills of Camargue in France to and the wild plains of Arizona and legendary banks of the Nile River in Egypt. 

·         3 play modes: 

o        Adventure mode: an exciting adventure with many different missions to travel around the world searching for the legendary golden horse, the Akhal Teke.


o        Arcade mode: mini games around horse riding (care-taking, riding, horse breaking) and a scoring system with prizes to be won.

o        Multi player mode: 2 players can be connected through WIFI to race against each other or travel together in certain surroundings.

Mindscape introduces a fresh new range of kid’s games for Nintendo DS

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