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Yours to own on Disney DVD 5 March 2008

The Walt Disney animated tale of Thomas O'Malley and his band of swingin' jazz cats hits retail shelves on Disney DVD in a new Special Edition on 5 March 2008!

As the last film approved by Walt Disney himself, The Aristocats is the much-loved classic set in the heart of Paris where an eccentric millionairess wills her estate to her beloved cats, the beautiful snow-white Duchess and kittens Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz.

Many laughs and a lot of adventure ensue as the sinister big-nosed butler, eager to get his own paws on the inheritance, hatches an evil catnap caper leaving Thomas O'Malley and his pals to save the day.

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman (Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians) and with music from the Academy® Award winning Sherman Bothers, The Aristocats is a romantic Parisian love story between the elegant Duchess and Thomas O'Malley, the worldly stray cat who saves Duchess and her cute kittens from the clutches of Edgar the evil butler.

The Aristocats Special Edition is also jam-packed with fun new special features including never-seen-before deleted song "She Never Felt Alone", a cute virtual kitten game and much more. Also featured are The Great Cat Family excerpt introduced by Walt Disney himself, Disney song selections and a featurette about the amazing Sherman Brothers and their incredible music.

Timeless storytelling filled with adventure, music and slinky, way-cool cats, classic Disney animation, unforgettable characters and special features The Aristocats Special Edition is purr-fect for the whole family this Easter!

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

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