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Readily recognised by his noble and dignified expression of solemnity, wisdom and power, and loose, long pendulous folds of skin around the head and neck, the Bloodhound is one of the most docile of pure breeds but his determination in following a scent trail is legendary. Known as the breed whose "nose has eyes", police departments world-wide have utilised the skill of the Bloodhound and one dog was credited with over 600 arrests. They have been known to follow a trail successfully for over 250 kilometres.

Extremely affectionate, his nature is somewhat reserved and sensitive to either praise or correction from his owner. Bloodhounds are quick to learn but may prove obstinate in formal obedience training.

Prone to drool, the swing of a Bloodhound's enormous head can spread saliva across a room and his enormous size, food requirements and short lifespan make him a questionable choice for the average owner but for those who admire this breed, there can be no more devoted companion.

Ideal height Dogs 63-69cm
Bitches 58 -63cm
Weight Dogs 41- 50kg
Bitches 36-45kg

Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia

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