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It may seem that things like Doggy Daycare and Puppy Preschool are just another example of pets being spoilt rotten and treated like replacement children, but training your dog is one of the best things you can do not only for yourself, but for your dog's wellbeing and for the sake of your family and your whole community. Everyone benefits from a well-mannered dog.

"Training and socialisation must start at an early age to satisfy the dog's natural instincts, particularly what we refer to as pack mentality," says Mick Svaljek, President of the Rottweiler Club of Victoria.

"In order to have a happy, rewarding relationship with your dog, it is vital that YOU are the pack leader. The dog will be quite happy with whatever position he is allotted. For household harmony that position should be at the bottom of the human pack. Then the dog respects you and all the family."

Mr Svaljek says the best way to achieve is this is through firm and consistent training beginning as early as possible when you bring your new puppy home.

"Teaching your dog to sit, stay or retrieve a ball can be very fun," Mr Svaljek said, "It also establishes you as the dominant pack leader. And it exercises your dog's brain, which can help prevent him getting bored and therefore misbehaving in the form of excessive barking or digging up your garden."

"This is true of all dogs, but particularly important for big, strong breeds like Rottweilers," explained Mr Svaljek. "As puppies grow, they go through phases and if you take advantage of its willingness to learn in each phase, you will end up with a wonderfully behaved pet."

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