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I am Oggy the Doggy and that is me in my little blue coat, which I wear in winter to keep me warm and dry.
Carole and Serge are my human family and I live with them. They give me lots of cuddles and hugs plus they love to play ball with me, especially when we go to the big park and the beach, plus we also play in the hallway of our house.

I am also a very good soccer player, because I can push the bigger ball around with my nose and run with the ball for a really long time, that is so much fun and I have lots of good exercise. Also when we go to the beach, I have all of my doggy friends that I play with, in particular Didi, the really fast running white terrier and Blossom, the fun loving boxer plus of course all the many other dogs which I meet when running along the beach. Serge loves to take me to the beach everytime he has a day off and when Carole has time off she comes with us too. We have so much fun at the beach. Carole took me to the beach today and I climbed up and down the rocks and met up with Sparky dog and we played games.

For eight months now, I have been living with Serge and Carole. They adopted me from the Lost Dogs' Home when I was eight months old. When they first saw me there, I was very quiet and polite and not barking, which I think they liked and I really wanted to go home with them. When they collected me, we went to see the Vet at the Lost Dogs Home and she called me a "wigglepot" because I am very curious and I look ed in every corner checking out everything. I am only little as you can see from my picture but I can run really fast.

Sometimes Carole and Serge take me to visit Carole's mum Dorothy, she lives not far from the Lost Dog's Home. Dorothy loves to
play ball with me, she plays for a really long time and she lets me sit on the couch with her and watch TV, that is good fun, especially when there are other dogs on the TV for me to see.

In the first few months that I lived with Serge and Carole, I slept outside in my little kennel under the cover of the garden table. The kennel was nice and warm with my doggy blankets (which Dorothy had given me). I think that I had to sleep outside because I had a real problem - I would wet on the carpet even though they tried hard to train me, to let them know when I wanted to go outside.

But as soon as Serge put a doggy door in and he taught me to go in and out, I soon learnt that when I want to go to do "wee-wee" I go out the doggy door and do it in the back yard or in the park when they take me for a walk. Usually I do my other toilet business in the park in the morning and evening and Carole or Serge picks it up with a plastic bag and puts it in the garbage bin.

While Carole was in Queensland for a few days, Serge let me sleep inside and I was really good and well behaved. So when Carole came home,she saw how good I was and let me sleep inside in my kennel. One day when Carole brought in the washing in the plastic washing basket and placed it on the veranda. I hopped into the washing basket and it was so cosy and warm. After a while Carole noticed me sitting on the washing and politely told me to get out of the basket, which I did but I soon went in there again, it was so comfortable. So Carole bought a new washing basket and put all of my bedding in the old basket, so I slept inside in the cosy clothes basket for a while.

After a couple of weeks, she bought me a really soft doggy bed and finally I had my own real bed. So I am a spoilt little puppy because I snuggle into my own little bed everynight in my own room, which is actually also Carole and Serge's office. Carole or Serge cover me up with my bedding when I am ready to sleep.

I get yummy food to eat too, Carole and Serge tell me that I am a fussy eater, maybe I am. Along with my dried food, canned food and doggy chicken and lamb made in a fresh sausage like roll, which they get from the supermarket, I also get freshly made chicken and vegetables and if I am really lucky, a freshly grilled lamb chop with pumpkin and potato, yum yum. I get fresh water everyday and in summer, I get iceblocks to keep me nice and cool. Sometimes Serge gives me a little piece of ice-cream as a real treat and I really love ice- cream. I know that I am not supposed to eat it, but just a little bit is OK for me, it makes me feel really special.

The best news of all is that now that I am a very good puppy, I am allowed to stay inside during the day, if Serge or Carole are at work. They have a day each off during the weekdays, so that I have lots of company most of the time. You would be all very interested to know that I am now writing a book on my life and all the fun things I do, I am already up to Chapter 12. Carole is helping me to edit the book and she is especially good at correcting my spelling and grammar.

I have been to doggy school a few times now and I am certainly getting better in my class and learning how I should behave.
It is a bit tough sometimes, because I always want to play, but I guess that the school is helping me to know all of the important things that dogs need to know.

That is all for now and I just wanted to thank The Lost Dog's Home for bringing me together with Serge and Carole, we have a great time together. If you want to write to me please email me -

Have a great day

Oggy the Doggy

Oggy the Doggy

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