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From the creators of the Santa Buddies, Disney's THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS, is an original, fun-filled and heart-warming film that takes us back to the beginning of the friendship between Santa Claus and Santa Paws.

In this prequel to the hit holiday classic SANTA BUDDIES, Santa Paws and his new friends embark on an adventure through New York City to find Santa Claus and restore the spirit of Christmas. Releasing only on Disney DVD and Blu-ray 10 November 2010, THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS is the must-own all new family DVD this holiday season!

Before he was helping the Buddies and Puppy Paws in their Christmas adventure, Santa Paws was a very special stuffed toy delivered to Santa for his 1600th birthday, and brought to life by the magical, Great Christmas Icicle.

Paws (voiced by ZACARY GORDAN), is a lovable and naïve Great Pyrenees pup, and has great fun helping Santa Claus (RICHARD RIEHLE) in his workshop.

When Santa Claus takes a trip to New York City, an accident leaves him without his memory, and families everywhere may miss out on Christmas!

It is up to Santa Paws to find Santa Claus and restore the Christmas spirit, but New York City is a lot bigger than the North Pole, and to succeed he must find help from fellow canine and human friends.

Touching many lives along the way, including two orphans who wish only to have a family, new friends Eddy (voiced by RICHARD KIND) - a Jack Russell Terrier and fellow pup from the North Pole - and T-Money (voiced by JOSH FLITTER), a street smart bulldog pup, help Santa Paws as he embarks on a big city adventure. Will the mismatched group of loveable pups be able to beat this race against time to bring Santa Claus back to the North Pole, and save Christmas for everyone?!

With all-new characters, featuring adorable talking dog friends, this is the perfect Christmas gift the whole family can enjoy.

Only on DVD and Blu-ray can you see bonus features including: deleted scenes and doggy bloopers that will have you howling with laughter; music videos; a behind-the-scenes featurette and games and activities!

THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS is a must-own all-new Christmas movie to share with your entire family. Give the gift of Disney this Christmas!

Further Information

  Available to own: 10 November 2010
Rated: G
Running time: TBD Mins
Price: DVD $39.95, Blu-ray $49.95

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

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