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Over half of Australians think that their dog is a better listener than their partner
Sydney, Dec 2, 2010 - 1.3 million Australian dog owners would rather confide in their pet than their partner according to the Purina Pet Study* results revealed today. Over half (58 per-cent) of Aussies with a partner think their dog is a better listener than their significant other. 

In surveying more than 1,000 pet owners across Australia, the report found 64 per-cent of females nominated their dog as the better listener compared to just under half (48 per-cent) of males. 

The study also reveals that after a stressful day four in ten Australians said they would prefer a warm welcome from their dog than a cuddle from their partner.

With almost four million (3.979) households across Australia housing a cat or a dog, the findings from the Purina Pet Study highlight just how passionate Aussies are about their pets with a massive 86 per-cent of dog owners considering their dog more than just a pet. One in five Aussies sees their dog as a companion for life and a further one in ten perceives their pet as a child.

 "The findings from Purina's Pet Study aren't surprising, they only further reinforce the positive effect that pets have on their owners," states Purina's resident animal behaviourist, Dr. Jo Righetti.

"Previous studies have shown that a furry friend can result in positive benefits to our health and wellbeing*. This research echoes this sentiment and shows that our pets are emotionally available and love giving attention as much as they love receiving it."

Interestingly, pet owners who have these special relationships spend more on their pet each month on average (including all food, accessories, flea and worming and veterinary bills):

- Respondents who nominated their pet as a better listener than their partner spend $103.90 a month, which is 10 per-cent more than the average

The Purina Pet Study found that the average spend by Aussie dog owners each month is $92.90 and for cat owners the average spend is $64.10.  This equates to an average spend of $1,114.80 per dog per annum and $769.20 per cat per annum, highlighting that dogs are fifty percent more expensive to keep than cats.

Findings from the study highlight that both cats and dogs play a valuable role for Australians and for most are more than just a pet. An investment of both time and money results in a relationship that goes far beyond pet and owner.

Further Information

  For more information contact the free Purina PetCare advice line on 1800 738 238.


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