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Having been breeding since 2000 I aim for happy, healthy, gorgeous-looking felines. My birmans include chocolates and reds in addition to the more common, strikingly beautiful seals and blues. I was lucky to have been trusted with some excellent lines early on and have endeavoured to maintain a high standard. I breed for temperament in addition to appearance believing that cats are first and foremost pets. Birmans have a very outgoing friendly nature which won me over and led to my interest in ragdolls due to their reputation for having beautiful personalities, being laid back and floppy. I now have both breeds and I love them both dearly.In ragdolls I have seal and blue in both colourpoint and bicolour and also have tabby points, also known as lynx points. I have tested my ragdolls for the HCM gene(heart disease) and all of my breeding cats are free from this gene. I aim for show quality cats even though I do not show frequently and given some notice can confidently produce a quality show cat should one be sought.  Most of my kittens are bred with the understanding that their life's purpose will be to keep a family or individual company and look beautiful in the process.

Established: 2000

Breeds: Birman

Memberships: Feline Control Council of WA

Litter: Available 
Stud: Available 

Shipping: Interstate Shipping Available 
International Shipping Available 

Contact Details

Contact: Margaret

Address: Perth Northern Suburbs
Western Australia 6027


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OzPetShop - Pet Products, Supplies and Accessories