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Products Page / Directory Listing
If you have a product that is of interest to pet owners then the best place to reach them is at The internet is a proven form of direct marketing and with a 100% targeted pet loving audience elimates waste. The OzPets network includes, and

All members can purchase individual product pages on Each page can have up to nine photgraphs (depending on the level) and includes a thumbnail, an overview of the product, web link and contact details. Members can upload photographs, which are automatically resized, and change text as many times as they want 24 hours a day.

Each directory listing is allocated to the product directory. When you add your listing you are able to select an additional site to be shown on, e.g. if your products are more dog specific then you would choose

Directory listings / web pages may be purchased by members at any time and are valid for a year from the time of first listing by a member.

Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs
Premium & Deluxe level listings have the ability to choose their own "Search Engine Friendly" URL. For example or URLs are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Priority Listing
A priority listing gives your page a higher page ranking in the search results than other level pages. Priority listings are also highlighted and have a thumbnail. Only available at Deluxe level.

Highlighted Listing
A highlighted listing gives your page a greater visibility in the search results. Highlighted listings also have a thumbnail. Only available at Deluxe and Premium level.

Feature Listing
Featured listings will appear as a "Spotlight" on the index page of the product section of the ozpets web site. They randomly change every hour and are available to Premium and Deluxe levels only. Paid feature listings can also be purchased independantly.

The following additional product pages and options are available.
(Listed in AUD - Australian Dollars


To purchase a product page please become a member of the web site by registering at -

Directory listings can be purchased and paid through our secure online shop. Just mention your user name in the comments of your purchase so that we can upgrade your membership to the desired level. You will be notified as soon as your Standard, Premium or Deluxe level is activated and you can then start building your web page / advert.

For upgrades for existing listings please contact us so that we can provide a monthly pro-rata rate depending upon your listings expiry date.

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OzPetShop - Pet Products, Supplies and Accessories