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About the Team 
The OzPets team have owned and been owned by animals for over 35 years. We've rescued, shown, bred, exhibited, competed, loved and have educated people in the joy of owning animals. We encourage all Australian's to own and be involved in pets as there is nothing better, no life experience more challenging and no greater pleasure than being involved with pets.

The OzPets management team has been involved in the internet/IT sector since 1994, making them veterans in internet technology. All intellectual property is developed inhouse and owned by The Virtual Animal House Pty. Ltd.

About the Site
Are you looking for information on your favourite pet but can't seem to find anything on the net? Are you looking for a particular breed or breeder? Do you want to buy or sell a pet? Does your favourite pet shop not stock quite what you are looking for? Are you living outside of Australia and wish to find some information on Australian pets? For those wanting to advertise a "Pet For Sale" or "Wanted a Second Hand Pet Carrier" try out the free classifieds. For all things Pets in Australia it's OzPets !!

The OzPets web site was launched in February 2000 and is Australia's leading pet web site. The OzPets network includes the following domains :

and many many more pet specific domains.......

General statistics :

  • 12 million Australians are associated with pets.
  • 63% of the 7.5 million households in Australia own pets.
  • Australia has one of the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world.
  • Typically, the major carer of the pet is female, married with children, living in the suburbs and most likely employed.
  • 91% of pet owners report feeling 'very close' to their pet, reinforcing that pets are an integral member of the family unit, however constituted.
  • Pets were a normal part of childhood for more than 83% of Australians.
  • Of the Australians who do not currently own a pet, 53% would like to do so in the future.
  • It estimated that total consumer expenditure on pet care products and services in Australia is $4.62 billion per annum.

(*source - Australian Companion Animal Council Incorporated, Petcare Information and Advisory Service Australia Pty Ltd.)
OzPets is created by pet lovers for all pet lovers to enjoy.

 Here are what some OzPets users have to say:

"Can you please remove add I placed yesterday on your site, horse sold within a couple of hours and i am getting over 20 enquiries clogging up my emails thanks for a great service"

"This site is unbelievable!!! well done! I have just gone into breeding cats so I know where I'll be looking." 

"Thanks for being such a great website. You have helped with so many questions about my beloved pets. The information on this site is really helpful in looking after our special friends. Thankyou very much - )"

I got my gorgeous little boy through Ozpets, its the best site i've been to in ages that is really easy to use, has so much info on different things such as how to take care of your new pet. I've also spoken to many lovely people as well, Cheers to a great site for animal lovers."

"What an absolutely delightful and beautifully designed piece of pet webbery you have created here. Well done and good luck with it. I will certainly be shopping here."

"Thank you so much for looking after me, (and my spoilt staffy 'Piggy') so well. My Vet recommended your website and it has been a pleasure. Congratulations on a terrific website and for service that is light years ahead of anything else I have seen."

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If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service then please get in touch.

Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy the OzPets experience.

The OzPets Team....

The OzPets web site is proudly brought to you by Blue Door Multimedia part of the LemonStone Group Pty. Ltd.

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