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Vets are warning dog and puppy owners to make sure their pets are up to date with their vaccinations as a wave of deadly parvovirus spreads through the eastern states.

Dr Jodie Wilson, President Elect of the Queensland Division of the Australian Veterinary Association, said: "We have seen a significant increase in dogs with canine parvovirus being brought into veterinary surgeries in recent weeks.

"This disease is highly contagious and tends to favour the hot and humid conditions that we have recently been having across the eastern states of Australia." Dogs that are particularly susceptible to parvovirus are young puppies and dogs that have not had their vaccinations.

"Adult dogs may need a booster and you can get advice on this from your local vet, however it is critical that puppies are vaccinated," said Dr Wilson. The virus can be especially severe in puppies - with death in around 80 per cent of untreated cases.

"Common signs of canine parvovirus are severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. If your pet has any of these symptoms you should see your local vet straight away," said Dr Wilson.
"All puppies need a series of vaccinations to make sure they are protected. Vaccination is a very effective way of preventing infection," said Dr Wilson.

For further information about the most suitable vaccination program for your dog you should contact your local veterinarian.

Detailed information about parvovirus outbreaks also came from the Disease WatchDog, an online database of companion animal diseases, launched by Virbac Animal Health last month.

Australian Veterinary Association

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