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It would come as no surprise to learn that Aussies are pet-obsessed, but just how crazy are we?

Recent findings from the Purina Pet Study have highlighted the extreme lengths we go to for our four-legged friends, with one in 20 Australians surveyed admitting to setting up a Facebook page for their pets. This equates to approximately 143,000 dog owners and 121,000 cat owners.

The Purina Pet Study, conducted by Galaxy Research, shows that Australians are increasingly humanising their four legged friends. It's not just the digital space that pets are creeping into, with half (50%) of dog owners letting their dog sleep in their bed. Interestingly, this figure jumps to seven in ten (70%) with people who live alone.

Comparatively, two in three (69%) cat owners have let their cat sleep in their bed, with this figure jumping to nine in ten (89%) when respondents live alone. Surveying more than 1,000 Australians, the report showed that Australians see their pet as one of the family, with 83% of Aussies celebrating their dog's birthdays.

One in five even went as far to honour their dog's coming of age with a birthday cake and close to half (48%) of Australians celebrate by buying their dog treats or special food.
Purina's resident animal behaviourist, Dr. Jo Righetti says Australians are increasingly cementing their pet's role as a member of their family, whether it comes to celebrating their birthday or creating a Facebook page for them.

"Owners create a loving friendship with their pet that goes beyond "pet" and "owner", and can be seen with the rise of pet pamper salons, pet weddings and even pet hotels. It only further reinforces that Australians are crazy about their pets," said Dr Righetti.

Further results indicate that Aussies are rewarding their canine or feline as if they are human with 16% admitting to sending their pet off to be pampered. Puppy pedicure anyone?

The Purina Pet Care Study conducted by Galaxy Research surveyed 1,015 Australians and included respondents from NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, TAS, SA and WA.

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