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A well cared for aquarium is necessary for the health of its inhabitants as well as to ensure an attractive feature in the home or office.,

Neglected aquariums quickly become dangerous for the fish as well as unsightly.

Maintenance of a fish tank needs to be done regularly. Although it is rarely necessary to completely empty an aquarium to clean it out, partial changes of approx 20% of the water will ensure that fish and plants remain healthy. Fresh water should be added at room temperature and the water should be directed gently down the side of the tank to prevent the gravel or plants being disturbed. It is essential to use water conditioners to remove substances from tap water, such as chlorine, which are used to ensure water quality for humans but are harmful to fish.

Plants help to maintain water quality and oxygenate the water. Dead leaves or plants should be removed immediately as, when they decompose, they pollute the water. Plants need 10-12 hours of daylight per day to encourage growth and remain healthy. Pruning the plants will encourage bushy growth just as it does in garden plants, and will help make the tank more attractive as well as providing more shelter for the fish.

Sometimes debris can be seen on the bottom of the tank. There are species of fish, such as catfish, which help to keep the tank clean and it is possible to buy cleaners and filters to help in maintenance.

Algae on the glass can be removed by rubbing gently with a piece of filter wool. It is natural for some algae to form and it does serve a useful purpose in removing nitrates from the water and providing food for herbivorous fish.

Feeding only as much food as the fish can eat in a few minutes will prevent the tank becoming polluted with stale food.

A little time devoted to tank maintenance on a regular basis will help ensure healthy fish.

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