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Established: 2002


~ Promoting responsible breeding, exhibition and promotion of purebred domestic rabbits. ~ Promoting and assisting in the continued schooling of aspiring judges and breeders under British Rabbit Council guidelines. Educating the public and government (both local and national) as to issues affecting our members and non member breeders such as calicivirus and myxomatosis releases, disease control via vaccination and prevention, importing/exporting of stock, general animal welfare. Promoting all aspects of keeping of rabbits, the rabbit fancy, industry and hobby as a whole, via education, exhibition, and participation and promotion of the rabbit fancy in the community.

Displays, rabbit shows, fetes, rabbit hopping (show jumping), in a friendly family atmosphere.

Breeds: All Breeds, Rabbits: Astrex, British Giant, Californian, Cashmere Lop, Dalmation Rex, Dutch, Dwarf Lop, English Angora, Fox, French Lop, Harlequin & Magpie, Mini Cashmere Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand White, Polish, Rex, Sable - Siamese & Marten, Satin, Smoke Pearl, Tan, Tri Dutch,

Memberships: Incorporated with Consumer & Business Affairs
Affilliated with the British Rabbit Council.
Affilliated with ASRC.

Contact Details

Contact: Gen Hughes - Secretary

Address: 14 Drage St
Elizabeth Downs
South Australia 5113


Email: contact  Click to email this club.

Club Contacts

President Phone: 08 82841317
Susan Darcy Email:

Secretary Phone:
Gen Hughes Email: contact

Rabbit Rehoming - Northern Area Phone:
Gen Hughes Email: contact

General Enquiries Phone: 08 82841317
Sue darcy Email:

Club Meetings

Next Meeting: Saturday 3rd of July 2010 09:30

Venue - tba
Judge: Rebecca Wallbank (NSW)
3 star COmpetitve & Novice rabbit show
Pet & purebred rabbits welcome
BBQ available

Last Update: 09/06/10 12:28  

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